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Flagstaff Peak

Little Cottonwood Canyon
Albion Basin
The Pfeifferhorn
Devils Castle

Notes: The trail seemed a little ambiguous. You start across from the
Alta Lodge about 8 and a half miles up the canyon. It's the road with the police station near the base. No parking on this road. You follow up this road around the houses. You pass 2 dirt roads one leading west, the other leading north. From here you just continue along the road looking for a good animal trail or Jeep road.
Eventually you will meet up with a Jeep road and with decent route finding skills you will find your way westward and up to a saddle pass, continue west over the obvious peaks. Look around you, there you are.

Monte Cristo - Mount Superior Cottonwood Ridge Dromedary Peak Dromedary Saddle Panorama Mount Wolverine Mount Tuscarora Honeycomb Cliffs Mount Millicent - Brighton Twin Peaks View Monte Cristo Views Twin Peaks Summit Mount Superior Twin Peaks Saddle Kessler Peak

Monday, September 4, 2000


American Fork Twin Peaks, White Baldy, and The Pfeifferhorn.

American Fork Twin Peaks

American Fork Twin Peaks elevation 11,489

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy and American Fork Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks

American Fork Twin Peaks.

The Pfeifferhorn

White Baldy, The Pfeifferhorn, and Alpine Ridge.


The Pfeifferhorn and an unnamed peak.


The Pfeifferhorn.


The Sugarloaf, Mount Baldy, and American Fork Twin Peaks.

AF twins, White Baldy

American Fork Twins - West Peak, Red Top Peak (middle) and White Baldy.
Red Baldy is barely visible behind Red Top.

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy, and American Fork Twin Peaks.

Devils Castle

Albion Basin, Devils Castle and The Sugarloaf.

Albion Basin

Albion Basin, Devils Castle, and The Sugarloaf.

Devils Castle

Devils Castle

Cardiff Fork

Overlooking Cardiff Fork.

Days Fork

Looking down Days Fork.

Kessler Peak

Looking north down Kessler Peak you can see Murdock Peak.
Mount Ogden is visible in the far distance.

Flagstaff Peak

Looking east from Flagstaff Peak you can see
Big Cottonwood Canyon, The Honeycomb Cliffs, and Mount Wolverine.

East Flagstaff

Looking east from Flagstaff Peak.

Reed and Benson Ridge

Looking north at the Reed and Benson Ridge elevation 10,561.

Reed And Benson Ridge

Along The Reed and Benson Ridge.

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