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Red Butte, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Chairs

We went up Georges Hollow to The Chairs, and then back down. The area was covered with elk. The light was too dull to get any real pictures.

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Friday, January 4, 2002
Ensign Peak Salt Lake

Looking west toward Ensign Peak.

Salt Lake City south

Looking southwest toward Salt Lake, and West Valley,
from along the trail up to The Chairs.

A close up of the complex.

A cow wandering toward the city.

Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake pre-Winter Olympics


Two females


The only male we saw.

From The Chairs area looking at three females looking for
whatever made that sound.

They found me.

Coming down, on the west side of the ravine, the hill was covered with elk.
You could barely see them, this is a telephoto.
From far away, they looked like people in elk suits with the butts cut out.

How many can you find?

A close up of a female, with no tripod.

Special Thanks to Jared, Denyse, Ruojia and Sarah

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